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Gal Barak – The Bulgarian Connection

The powerful Israeli cybercrime network has expanded internationally over the last couple of years and opened up new locations. While Gery (Gabi) SHALON is looking after the North American market after his release from prison, he has partners who take care of the EU markets and Russia.

Gal Barak - Partner of Gery Shalon
Gal Barak – an Israeli scam artist in Bulgaria

One of these partners is the Israeli Gal BARAK who runs the European operation of this cybercrime network with its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria is a EU member, Bulgarian companies can also operate in other EU countries via the EU Financial Passporting Regulation. In a close relationship with his Bulgarian friend Marina ANDREEVA who allegedly acts as a sort for CFO for this network, Barak commands a vast illegal network of companies and people.

Gal BARAK has grown up with binary options in recent years. Through many fraudulent binary options sites such as SafeMarkets or OptionStarsGlobal, he has cheated on many thousands of investors in the EU. According to the information available to us, more than 100,000 investors were betrayed and lost more than USD 200 million. We know that investors, lawyers, and authorities are trying to find out Gal BARAK’s whereabouts. BARAK hides in Sofia and feels protected there by the authorities, luxury life included. For this, he pays considerable protection money its headquarters responsible Bulgarian authorities, we hear.

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