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About Us

This site is operated by FinTelegram Investors Protection Ltd with the intention to educate and inform investors about one of the world’s biggest cybercrime enterprises stretching from Israel over Russia to the United States.

The charges against the Israeli Gery SHALON and the co-conspirators in his worldwide cybercrime enterprise have been indicted in November 2015 already. Over the past three years, the U.S. authorities have continued to investigate, arrest and indict additional perpetrators such as Russian hacker Andrei TYURIN. According to reports, Gery SHALON works closely with the U.S. authorities and discloses information about his accomplices. With this, he expects a lower penalty in the context of a so-called plea deal.

We expect the case to be tried in court soon. In view of the international dimension of this case from Israel to Russia and Bulgaria to the United States, we believe it would be more appropriate to set up a separate side for this.

The mission of this site is to inform the public about one of the largest cybercrime cases in the world. Read more on investors protection and the financial markets on